Wednesday, 18 March 2009


Our last project before the Easter break! First I didn't even know what an ident is but in defence hardly anybody I was talking to does. What I really liked about this project was that Andy wanted us to approach the whole thing on a professional level. That means the whole pre- and post- production procedures which most of us (including me) would have avoided if we could've. I've learned that planning everything out beforehand is much better than the plan less straight-to-the-animation-method. The actual animation only took me about 3 days and that's mainly because i knew exactly what i wanted before i started. So even though it seems like more work and therefore more time consuming it actually works the other way round! I'll definitely keep that in mind for the next projects coming!

To the actual Ident. I think it looks good. It looks exactly like i wanted it to look and like i said it's going to look when i pitch the idea. It's quite simple but effective. The first version had much more effects in it but after watching it a day later it looked wrong and all the effects which are supposed to make it look better turned out be rather distracting. So i took all the effects that took the focus away from statements, like animated backgrounds and more silly particle movements, and binned them. The result is more to the point and proves the old (GERMAN!!!) phrase: "less is more" right!

Monday, 9 March 2009

Live at 5!

As the producer of my group I was a bit worried beforehand. But it turned out to be really easy. The team worked brilliantly together, everybody did their work, we finished in time and the Broadcast Journalism students were really pleasant to work with and appreciative about our work. Although I'm slightly disappointed about the level of creativity. Nobody actually gave us anything remotely challenging do. I think in order to spice things up a bit there should be a short meeting with the broadcasters beforehand so the animators can give them some ideas for their show. I think the whole idea of two groups from totally different fields of the media spectrum working together is good and an experience for both sides, but it could be much more challenging if we had more input! The broadcasters don't really have an idea of what we capable of, so they're afraid of putting to much pressure on us.

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Background Designs and 3D Environment

I'm neither a fan of 3D modelling nor of background designing, unfortunately this project kind of involves both! We had to design interior and exterior backgrounds in 2D plus a room in 3D.

To be honest I will never enjoy modelling in 3D. It's just to tedious and fiddly. It took me hours to create the simplest shapes. I gave my best and I think the result is not too bad. It is a bit too dark, I could have used more "darker" lights to make more things visible. The proportion is slightly off. The sink and the tools are too big compared to the "torture rack", which should be big enough for an entire human body. Apart from this I think it's a good attempt.

The 2D interior design was supposed to be a proper cartoon background with some wonky shapes rather than clean neat lines. I think the shadows and lights are working quite well. I worked all of the stages from sketches to finish digital. I used my new graphic A4 tablet and a program called "Sketchbook Pro"to all elements and transferred this file to "Photoshop" for the clean-up and coloring part.

The exterior background was inspired by a picture I found on the Internet (unfortunately I can't remember where I found it) and it's supposed to have a post-apocalypse-new-dawn kind of feeling with dead creepy trees, destroyed houses,a polluted sky, but a lot of morning sun.
I like the colours and the field of depth blur. I've drawn 6 layers and blurred each individually. I worked the same way as in the interior design. Sketched it in Sketchbook Pro and coloured it in Photoshop.

As I said in the beginning of this post I have never been a big fan of background designs, but this project was actually fun and I enjoyed drawing those pictures. I learned a lot about using shadows and lights and how colours determine the mood of a scene.