Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Walk cycles!

Unfortunately I broke my wrist the week we started on walk cycles, so I didn't do the "first steps"(pun intended). I've got the main project.
The brief was to reproduce a character walk we've recorded earlier on that week.

That's my "struggled limp" 2D attempt. I think it's not too bad. The rough lines are because of the cast I had to wear, which made drawing pretty hard, but I managed. Andy said that the animation of the feet is confusing. I don't see that. I did the 3D one first and kind of copied the posture and the position of the feet onto the 2D project, so if there's no problem with the 3D one there shouldn't be with the 2D one either. Anyway I think the timing is quite good. You can see the weight of the left leg when it touches the ground, as that is the "working" feet, that is doing all the work. Plus the body is doing a nice movement he leans back to pull the "dead" leg forwards. I think it turned out pretty good, considering the circumstances!

It's almost the same with the 3D animation. I think the bodies moves even better here as you can see better how it tries to pull the "dead" leg. The feet are working pretty good as well. It looks like it's a bit faster maybe it needed a bit of a hold before or after one cycle is complete.