Friday, 29 May 2009

The final project! Cause all of the group members apart from me and Leah come different towns we had a massive problem with communication. It hardly ever happened that we were all in at once for a group meeting or so. The actual outcome is not like we really wanted it to look. The initial idea got lost somewhere along the way. If i could do it again, I'd do more tests beforehand to see what the end result is gonna look like. There was to much talking about the looks at the start, but I'm pretty sure nobody really knew what to do! Then there should have been more consistency with the lighting. I did two rooms and both Simon's did some others. When I then color corrected it in After Effects the rooms had different lighting in different positions even though it's supposed to be one room.

I think Jess needed more help with the 2D stuff as she did it all on her own apart from a tiny bit which he had to do again anyway. But the person suppose to help her was not really interested in doing so. I guess for the next project I'll try to avoid working with people who don't do their work.