Wednesday, 28 January 2009

All at once!!!

I haven't exactly been the best blogger! Instead of doing it the easy way by blogging every week I leave it for almost 4 month and I now have to do it all at once!
I personally think the first term was slightly boring as we were not really challenged enough. Only now after the Christmas break it starts to pick up and the result is more enthusiasm and concentration.
The first big project for the History and Theory part was the presentation of an animated film. I choose "Fritz the Cat" by Ralph Bakshi as that movie fascinates me since I'm a little boy. My love for that movie was probably both a blessing and curse for me as I can literally talk for hours about it. Problem is though we just had 10 minutes and I tried to talk about as much issues as possible in that short amount of time. It didn't quite work and so the mark of 58% is deserved but slightly disappointing for me. I should have left some of the less important points out and talked more about the main issues. I guess sometimes less can be more!

Now to the animation part.

The jumping man

It works quite alright! Timing is a bit to fast especially at the middle part where he's in the air. The anticipation is quite good but for an actual jump it's not believable. The body should squeeze downwards instead of backwards. It also needs more squash at the end to give the body more weight plus a little bit of a hold to make get the timing right.

3D bouncing ball

I can't quite put my finger on it, but something went terribly
wrong there! It just looks mechanic or like the ball got his own mind. It just doesn't bounces like a normal ball and that was the task. I believe the beginning is wrong. The angle of the first bounce is to tight the ball would bounce almost straight up instead of sideways. When the ball comes up again it needs to ease out more to make the timing right. The other bounces look alright but the halt of the ball at the end comes to sudden. Could've bounced a bit more.

3D Jumping Man

I am actually quite proud of this! The timing is good. The anticipation could be a tiny bit more exagerated. There could have been a bit more of a squash when he lands plus the hold is too static. The hands work fine and the stretch is alright! But in total a good attempt!

2 Character animation

Ok, I'm not sure whethere I got the task right! The brief was to animate 2 charcters the small one is annoying the big one would tell the other one off. There was supposed to be a lot of anticipation and big gestures. Nothing's really happening here! You can clearly see what I wanted to say and the animation (the little that is there) works, but there's not enough movement. So you don't feel really sorry for the small character and that was the main goal to achieve. I guess I'll have to listen closer to what they're saying.