Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Western and bouncing balls!

As much as I enjoyed the first weeks lecture in History and Theory I just couldn't get the second one! I understood all the words but what does Western has to do with animation? I know we were talking about genres, but aren't there better genres to talk about than western. I can't think of any animated western but Lucky Luke. Maybe it's just my dislike for that particular genre! I don't know. Anyway the lecture with Andy and George was much more fun! In previous attempts to create some amateur animations I always seemed to have a problem with timing. A simple bouncing ball task showed me where I've gone wrong. I always thought I'd have to draw every single movement the object (a ball in this case) is doing. But the phenomena of Persistence of Vision is apparently doing half of the job for me. I knew about Stretch and Squash before so I think that's not much of a problem. Here is my bouncing ball!

Not too bad! I think the volume changes a bit when it hit the ground!

"Animate a box with a ball on the top!" That was the next task! I'd have never thought that that'd be a problem for me. But here you can see the result!

Stretch and Squash is good! Anticipation is quite good! Timing's gone wrong! It looks like he's standing still for while but he's actually supposed to fall down! Well live and learn!

First Week! My History and Theory Horror Vision!

First week for the German! First lecture after 4 years in a different language. My worst nightmare would have been to not understand a single word they were saying. After all it's still not my mother tongue! But I got through it and I actually enjoyed it. The lectures in general are pretty easy to follow and relaxed. Much better than the lectures I experienced in college back in Germany as a Dental Technician. Screenings are like a treat for anybody who's just remotely into animations. The Principles of Animation lectures are in the same way easy to follow and relaxed plus extremely informative! In summary I've got to say that the first week was absolutely amazing for me (I don't even talk about the fun after lectures!).