Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Hello Again

I haven't done this in a while... But in case someone is still interested in reading my blog this is what happened since I left uni...

I started working at Spider Eye in St.Just, Cornwall. I initially got a job as compositor, but then got into the lighting and rendering department. For most of the time I worked on Jungle Junction. A kids TV show for Disney Playhouse. I had to learn LightWave, a funny(= weird) program. I also got into JavaScript (for After Effects) and Python (for everything else). I'll probably got some things to show for that soon as well.

I also got to meet Matt Walsh, a compositor and colorist located in Penryn. I got to shadow him for a few weekends as part of a mentor scheme from UCP (Unlocking Cornish Potential). He was grading some films while I was there and I learned a lot about the process of grading and to try it myself, I entered the MishMash competition form gettyimages.

You could download up to 70 clips and 5 sound tracks from gettyimages and create a short film.
I'm a big baseball fan (RED SOX, baby!), so I went with a short story of a young player taking the plate and what goes on in his head.

I first downloaded about 80 preview clips (480x360) and a sound clip and edited the first draft in Premier. After deciding on what clips I'd actually really need I downloaded the high quality ones (only 50) and reedited them to the sound. Then color graded everything in After Effects.
After Effects simply because Nuke won't take QuickTime movies and I couldn't be asked to convert everything to images sequences. However I had to convert some of the clips to de-noise them in Nuke.

The clips are clearly from all sorts of different sources and to make them look coherent was the most challenging part. I had two weeks (after work and one weekend!) and I'm alright with the outcome. I definitely want to do more things like that.

Here it is...

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